Technology Rules for iPads & Chromebooks

Despite my enthusiasm for integrating technology in many of my instructional activities, I still get a little nervous each time my young primary students are placed in charge of Chromebooks and iPads. Yet, my feelings of apprehension never stop me from finding ways for students to engage with content via these Internet-ready devices. The benefits of students using technology as part of their learning are bountiful. So, to help my students remember how to care for our iPads and Chromebooks, I have created easy-to-remember technology rules! CLICK HERE for my technology rules printables!

Younger elementary students love iPads! I was able to get iPad Minis for my library online from Amazon! The touch screen capability makes tablets ideal for those students developing their fine motor skills. My students are adamant about reviewing iPad expectations before we use them. If I ever forget to go over the rules, students are happy to remind me!

You can find my iPad Rules HERE!

Students are beginning to use Chromebooks at the earliest of grade levels. These laptop devices let students connect to the Internet where they access Google Classroom and our school’s learning management system, Schoology. Using Chromebooks does much more than connect students with content. Laptops help students develop word processing skills like typing, using a mouse, and navigating the world wide web.

You can find my iPad Rules HERE!
These technology expectations are not limited to the school library. Many classroom teachers have them neatly hung in their classrooms as a reminder of how students are to treat these valuable devices. iPads and Chromebooks have more than just monetary value. They connect students to information, people, and places from around the world.

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