Library Rules Rule!

Print these library rules and bookmarks HERE!
Library media centers are places where students can explore their interests, push their creative limits, and enjoy reading fictional stories and nonfiction texts. For elementary and intermediate students to get the most out of their library experiences, they must understand and remember the expectations. In my primary library, our rules spell a word students hear quite often: READ! Having an acronym for your library rules makes them easy to remember and you will be surprised at how often students refer to them. CLICK HERE for my library rules printables!

Print the library rules on color paper and hang above a door!
Use ribbon to hang your rules where students can easily see them!
In my library, student never know what to expect when it comes to each day’s instruction, use of technology, and hands-on activities. However, there is one part of library class that students know never changes—reviewing the rules. Students enjoy going over the rules because of the fun motions that go along.

Students enjoy coloring the library rules bookmarks!

Your students can engage with the library rules in other ways, too. Give your students coloring sheet bookmarks! By coloring the symbols and letters of your library expectations, students are less likely to forget the rules. Plus, students will now have a bookmark to use when reading library books. As my students say, “We never dog-ear a page. We always use a bookmark!” For the complete set of colored, black white, and books, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Find these library rules bookmarks HERE!
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