Smore: Electronic Flyers & Newsletters

Are you tired of boring, static library newsletters that lack the “flair” you are looking for? Would you like to engage your readers to the point where they share your newsletters with others? If so, you will be interested to learn about an exciting platform that lets your create professional-looking electronic flyers and newsletters—Smore! Users can choose a user-friendly template from an array of options and make a flyer or newsletter in a matter of minutes. Simply enter your information, upload photos and logos, add links, and you are ready to share and distribute your flyers via email or social media. You can also embed Smore publications in your blogs and websites; they are totally mobile responsive.  Please check out my school library Smore newsletter.

Smore-created flyers help inform students and parents about upcoming special events like Scholastic Book Fairs.

Your first 5 publications are free, but Smore offers a discounted educator membership of $59/year. No longer will you restlessly implore students, teachers, and parents to actually read your library newsletters. With Smore, your patrons will eagerly await each new issue. 
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