Get to Know Your Librarian Activity

Students’ first day in the library is a pivotal moment for teacher-librarians. On this day, we have the opportunity to generate enthusiasm for the library that will last the whole year through. The first library lesson is a great time to share with students all the fun events and activities planned for the year, to marvel at the nicely arranged collection, to introduce some of the library’s engaging technology, and of course…to get to know the librarian better.

I strive to develop a rapport with students that is based on respect and security. I want students to feel at “home” when they come to library. I want the library to be their favorite place in the school. So, for students first day in the library, I created a fun “Get to Know Your Librarian” activity.

In this activity, small groups share an iPad for an interactive slideshow where they respond to questions to get to know the librarian and each other. To create the interactive slideshow, I first made a PowerPoint that includes information and pictures about myself. I then used Screencast-O-Matic, a free screen and webcam recorder, to capture video of me narrating the slideshow presentation. After the video was successfully saved, I uploaded the file to my Google Drive account, so I could get a shareable link. I copied this URL to create a QR Code, making it easy for students to access the interactive slideshow.
Please view my interactive, “Get to Know Your Librarian” slideshow and directions. I hope you find useful ways to integrate Screen-O-Matic and QR Codes in your library lessons!
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