PBS Storyboard

PBS Storyboard is a digital bulletin board that allows educators to demonstrate concepts in a unique, interactive way. PBS LearningMedia users can create a web page in minutes using up to 20 elements including images, videos, and audio files as well as text, clipart, and backgrounds. You can select media resources in PBS LearningMedia or upload your own great media files. Teachers can share their Storyboard with students and staff through a public URL.

I created media-rich Storyboards for students that introduces them to Antarctica and penguins. In addition to content from PBS LearningMedia, I included hyperlinks to interesting articles from Newsela and Tween Tribune by Smithsonian.

Click on each of the Storyboards to be taken to their live sites.

Educators can also assign a Storyboard project that allows students to create and submit their own Storyboards to demonstrate what they have learned.

After viewing my Storyboards to learn about Antarctica and the penguins who live there, student groups explored one of the other six continents. Students shared research on their continents with the class via their own PBS Storyboards. Below, you will find a Student Storyboard on the “Land Down Under”.

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