Library Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a great way to promote your library media program and to engage students. These displays can communicate your library's mission, launch special events and initiatives, showcase student work, and support the kind of culture your library strives for.

More times than not, you can create bulletin boards with readily available supplies and reusable materials. The following board was made using butcher paper provided by the school, and the letters were made at home. To make your own letters, open a new PowerPoint presentation, select the font of your choice at 775 font size, and type one letter on each slide before printing. Not having to purchase pre-made bulletin board sets will save you money. 

The spooky monsters at the top of our Halloween board were created using colored tissue paper. Take about ten pieces of tissue paper, lay them flat on top of each other, and then begin folding them like an accordion (fold, flip over, repeat) every one inch. Once you have folded all of it, find the center and wrap a wire around the middle. Next, use scissors to round the edges of both ends. Pull each piece of tissue paper away from the rest until the layers are “fluffy”. This ball shape can used for flowers, hanging decorations, Truffula Trees, and of course—monsters!

Displaying student work on your bulletin boards may generate an excitement like never before. Students love to see their work, and the work of their peers, exhibited and appreciated. For this bulletin board, students wrote a review of a newly acquired title by the library which was included next to a picture of the student holding the book. This not only motivated students to read and critique new books, it challenged them to express their opinions through writing.

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