Canva is a free online graphic design platform that offers access to a wide assortment of design tools and options. With Canva you can create designs for the Web or print: blog graphics, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, and much more.

I have used Canva to create presentations for professional development events. What I really like about Canva’s presentation mode is that it is web-based, so you can deliver the presentation anywhere that has Internet access. The layouts in Canva presentation keep the audience more interested than do boring presentation templates. You can also embed YouTube videos right in your presentation. The videos play in the presentation without having to open a new window.

Canva is a great tool for creating flyers and newsletters. The designs are like nothing most people have seen, taking your communication efforts to the next level. I made a flyer for the presentation above using a “Food and Drink Menu” design offered by Canva. Once you choose the template of your liking, you can make modifications such as adding your own information, changing the font type and size, rearranging text boxes, inserting images, and more.

For my back to school parent newsletter, I used a design from Canva’s resume collection. I found that this certain template gave me the space needed to provide important information about my school library and in a stylish way.

I have also used Canva to create my business card, Twitter header, and blog title for this site. These designs provide a professional look that can be difficult to obtain with other graphic design software. The important point to remember is that when using Canva, just have fun. There are no right or wrong ways on how to use the designs and options offered by Canva. Be the graphic designer you knew you always were.
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